Monday, July 9, 2012

CNN's bias?

Well... apparently CNN dissed Korea...
And to be honest, I couldn't agree more...
But I'm supposed to find a reason to criticize CNN and justify Korea's acts...
First of all, Koreans are pretty stuck up as much as Americans...
They think Americans are arrogant, and all that shit because Koreans are arrogant themselves... "How dare the Americans claim they are smart when we, the Koreans are obviously smarter?"
So here it goes... An order is an order, which je dois suivre (not sure if the grammar's right).

So CNN wrote this comment, which pissed some people in Korea, which is the reason I'm writing for something that I totally don't believe in:

     Everyone's made a joke they thought was funny only to see it fall flat, but Park Jung
     geun's attempt at humor could see him jailed for up to seven years in South Korea.
     Park, a photographer by profession, re-tweeted some messages from North Korea's 
     official twitter feed, such as reports on the late leader Kim Jong Il's travels across the
     country and negative tweets about South Korea.
     "I found the messages ludicrous because they are so harsh and the language is so out
     dated. I found them funny, so I re-tweeted them," Park told CNN.
     Park, 23, also took a photo of himself holding a whiskey bottle and edited in a North
     Korean flag as a background for a joke. His supporters then doctored a North Korean
     military poster, replacing a smiling soldier with a sad photo of Park and the image of the
     gun with another whiskey bottle.
     But Park was imprisoned in January of this year, accused of "acts that benefit the enemy"
     and spreading North Korean propaganda. He was released on bail in February and has
     another court appearance in mid-July. He's still hoping the charges against him will be
     Iran's oil feud with South Korea
     "To be honest, if you did this in North Korea, you would be severely punished," Park said.
     "But this is South Korea and I thought there wouldn't be a problem as I did it for fun. It 
     certainly wasn't for propaganda purposes."

So here goes the BS.
1. Korea is still at war, which justifies all the violation of human rights (oh yeah, this is sarcasm, too, and I use it because Koreans don't get sarcasm)
2. North Korea is still an enemy that threatens and attacks Korea, so this justifies the violation of human rights (and oh yeah, this too is sarcasm my man)
3. An act that propagandize the ideas of the enemy is unacceptable (and here is the funny part... what part of sarcasm do you not get?)

So in conclusion my friends, CNN has done nothing right.
Although CNN is indeed one of the world's most renowned news agency, and that the people working there are pretty much smarter than the average Koreans, and possess the intelligence to understand sarcasm, CNN is wrong, oh yeah they are so wrong (wink wink).
They are bunch of liars who dared to criticize the holy empire of the ROK...

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