Wednesday, July 18, 2012

3 Prevalent Types of Idiots in North Korea

There are 3 prevalent types of idiots in North Korea, which I will name "dumb, dumber, and dumbest"
The "dumb" person is someone who pays back on his loans.
The "dumber" person is someone who lends money.
Last, but not least, the "dumbest" person is someone who is unable to borrow money.
This anecdote reflects North Korea's tough economic situation.
North Korea is under a lot of debt. In the 1990s, they borrowed from Russia, Hungary, Czech Republic, and other countries to solve the shortage of food.
However, most of the countries remitted the debt because North Korea was unable to pay back for whatever the reason it may be - economic difficult or wasting money on missile and nuclear development.
As a result, their credit in the international community and market is the worst in the world.

Even now, North Korea is unable to pay back their debt from Korea. What's worse is that they are refusing to pay back by ignoring Korea's requests. The international community lent the money to solve the food crisis in North Korea, but North Korea ignores the sincerity, and treats the international society as "dumber" person, and Kim Jong-Un is refraining from becoming the "dumb" person by not paying back on his debt.
If this continues how will anybody bother to donate food, and lend money to North Korea? If North Korea does not change, the international community should no longer aid North Korea.

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