Monday, July 23, 2012

Free Shin Suk Ja and her daughters!

People know very well about the political concentration camp in the North Korea.
With endless pain and torture, North Korean people are living a life worse than that of animal... Shin Suk Ja, who has recently been carrying out campaigns to save people, used to be in those horrific concentration camp.
North Korea has been committing crimes by kidnapping people from various countries and confining them in secret. North Korea's anti-human crime is nothing new but if left alone, it is evident that there will be more victim.
In Korea, 'Task force for the daughter of Tong Young' was launched to release Shin Suk Ja and her daughter. In addition they will be working to improve North Korea's human rights issues.
We wish that the international community could actively engage in North Korea's human rights issues and hope such effort would bring freedom to North Korean people. 

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