Monday, July 23, 2012

NK's Pathetic oath of loyalty

Pathetic oath of loyalty!
After Kim Jung Un has been named marshal of North Korea, North Korean regime has been receiving oath of loyalty from military officers and people from various class.
In fact, North Korea has been focusing on solidifying Kim Jung Un's status as the supreme leader by extensively broadcasting oath of loyalty from 'Lee Eul Seung,' who has received the title of marshal other than Kim Jung Un. It would mean that Kim Jung Un is trying to show off that he is being recognized by high officials of North Korea.
Until now, North Korea has received oath of loyalty from various class in the time of political upheaval or other serious crisis to reorganize its regime. They have carried out 'shows' with oath of loyalty when Kim Jung Il received the title marshal or when he died.
It is well known that oath of loyalty is carried out by gangsters to their boss... So is Kim Jung Un gang boss?
Looking at the situation, it makes perfect sense ^^

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