Wednesday, June 15, 2011

K-Pop Takeover by MYX TV

Hey, a pretty neat news coming from the Los Angeles area. MYX TV, 'Asian American Music Entertainment & Lifestyle Network', is hosting a first ever K-Pop dance convention in the U.S., with dance workshops and a showcase with the choreographers of Movement Lifestyle and Poreotics (America's Best Dance Crew season 5 winners).

It's happening this weekend, June 18th~19th, in Beverly Garland's Holiday Inn, North Hollywood. All day. You can check out the schedule here.

Workshop tickets cost $30 to $149, with various goodies and entry to the showcase. More info on tickets here.

This is a very neat event, with K-Pop becoming more and more globalized in Asia, Americas, and Europe these days. If you're interested in K-Pop and are in the area, this is definitely an event to check out.

For more information, check out MYX TV's website here. Video attached below.