Wednesday, June 8, 2011

2011 K-pop Cover Dance Festival Auditions begin

The committee of 'Visit Korea Year" is hosting 2011 K-Pop Cover Dance Festival. Following the international boom K-pop has been receiving, anybody regardless of nationality or location can apply, and those who make it past the preliminary gets a free trip to Korea.

What is Cover Dance? Think cover songs, except as dances. Cover Dance festival basically measures your team to emulate popular K-pop dances. If you like K-pop enough, then maybe you want to actually dance the same dance as the Korean Pop star with the same experience.

So how do I apply?
All you need is internet. First round of preliminary auditions is done by viewer voting, where they go on the event website( and rate the UCC videos each team has posted. The event coordinators then will sort the highest-rated videos, and those teams can enter the second round. During the second round of auditions, professional choreographers, musicians, and directors evaluate the participating teams by region.

The final teams that pass the second round of auditions will be given a privilege to visit South Korea for the finals. Finals will take place in Kyong-joo, starting October 3rd. These teams will be invited to Korea for a tour of the country, and given the chance to meet the original K-pop artists of their cover dance. Pretty neat, huh?

First round of auditions are due July 24th. Check out the 2011 K-Pop cover Dance Festival Website for more information!

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