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Classic K-Pop : Kim Gun-mo's Beautiful Goodbye(아름다운 이별)

From now on, I will post some K-Pop oldies (well, not all that old - mostly from the 90s) now and then. Some of these folks are still in the field, some are not. But I believe that these artists contributed very important effort for K-Pop to be what it is today. You know what - honestly, these are just my favorite songs.

김건모 (Kim Gun-mo)
Kim Gun-mo is now 43 years old and began his career in 1992 with his first album, "Sleepless night, it rains" <Kim Gun Mo>. Since then, he has put out 12 albums, winning 22 prestigious awards. His 3rd album, <A wrong encounter> sold 2.8 million copies, setting the most number of albums sold record in Korea. He is known for his techno-isque, ballad style of music and his very unique voice.

In other words, you really can't talk about Korean music without looking into this guy. Below is one of my favorite songs by Kim Gun-mo.

아름다운 이별(1995) - Beautiful Goodbye
눈물이 흘러 이별인걸 알았어 힘없이 
돌아서던 너의 뒷모습을 바라보며 
나만큼 너도 슬프다는 걸 알아 하지만 
견뎌야해 추억이 아름답도록 
그 짧았던 만남도 슬픈 우리의 사랑도 
이젠 눈물로 지워야할 상처뿐인데 
*내 맘 깊은곳엔 언제나 너를 남겨둘꺼야 
슬픈 사랑은 너 하나로 내겐 충분하니까 
하지만 시간은 추억속에 너를 잊으라며 모두 지워가지만 
한동안 난 가끔 울것만 같아 
두눈을 감고 지난날을 돌아봐 그속엔 
너와 나의 숨겨둔 사랑이 있어 
언제나 나는 너의 마음속에서 
느낄 수 있을 꺼야 추억에 가려진채로 
긴 이별은 나에게 널 잊으라 하지만 슬픈 사랑은 눈물속의 
널 보고 있어
[출처] 김건모 - 아름다운이별 (노래듣기 / 가사 ㅈㄷㅈ) ㅈㄷ|작성자 qldrh08

Tears run down, I knew this was goodbye, weakly
you turned, and I watched your back
I should know that you're just as sad as I am
But I must endure, so the memories stay beautiful
The short encounter we had, the sad love we had
Are all but bruises I must erase with tears
But I will keep you deep inside my heart
Because one sad love with you is just enough
Time keeps telling me to forget you in nostalgia, erasing all
But I feel like I'll cry once in a while
I close my eyes and look back at those days, inside
there is the hidden love that belong to you and me
Always, I will be inside your heart
You will know, shrouded in nostalgia
Long goodbye tells me I must forget, but sad love
is looking at you in tears.

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