Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Documentary : Inside Undercover in North Korea

Inside Undercover in North Korea is a documentary by National Geographic, aired in 2007. Some of you I'm sure have had the chance to watch this documentary, but if you haven't, it's worth a watch.

It gives you a pretty good glimpse of history, politics, military, propaganda, and daily lives of North Koreans. Below is a screenshot I saw from Freedom North Korea Radio that gave me chills down my spine. I will list the links to the documentary below as well.

The premise of this specific scene : Doctor Ruit (sp?) volunteers to go to North Korea to offer free treatment for cataract, since there is no medical treatment available for citizens. Lisa Ling and her camera crew secretly accompanied and got these scenes.

Caption 1 : In developed countries, people rarely go blind from cataract. But in North Korea, people are 10 times more likely to develop blindness from cataract.
Caption 2 : North Korea allowed Doctor 10 days of stay. He must now treat all 1,000 patients in 10 days.

Caption 3 : Can you see this? Yes, I can see.
Caption 4 : Incredibly, everybody started bowing and praising  in front of pictures of Kim Jong Il and Kim Il Sung for their newfound eyesight.
Caption 5 : Hail!
Caption 6 : I shall thoroughly annihilate those American enemies with my own hands, with my own gun, and now with my newfound eyes.
"This is North Korea."
Links to the video
Part 1 (Youtube) Kind of ironically, Youtube blocked part 2-5. So I found alternatives.
Part 2 (Naver)
Part 3 (Naver)
Part 4 (Naver)
Part 5 (Naver)

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