Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Seoul to install over 10,000 free Wi-fi hotspots

City of Seoul has reportedly made contracts with three major telecommunication companies so that by 2015, people will be able to use free wireless internet anywhere in Seoul. (or so they say)

Each wireless zone will have approximately 50 meter radius, and they plan to install 10,430 spots in Seoul by 2015. The area covered by this new service will cover 13.5% of entire Seoul.

These spots will be concentrated in parks, major intersections, and crosswalks. Places that are popular with foreigners, such as Myong-dong, Hong-dae, and Itaewon will be covered extensively.

Public buildings, subways (line 1 through 9), buses, taxi will have free wireless internet service as well.

Interesting, interesting. Surely internet-related services develop uber fast in Korea.

Source : 서울 1만곳에 무료 무선인터넷망 깔린다 (yonhap)

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