Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pictures of North Korea... the reality

First thing I thought when I saw this was :
Midgar's Lower Town from FF7
These are a selection of pictures from Joo Sung Ha's blog, a journalist from Donga newspaper. I've picked a set of pictures that North Korea government wants you to see, and a set of pictures that show what North Korea really is like. Decide for yourselves.

Source: 주성하의 북한 Real Talk

What they want you to see : 

The Reality : 
I will spare you with pictures of starving children, people with just skin and bones. But this is what North Korea really looks like outside of central Pyongyang.
Coal is still the main energy source for DPRK
Propaganda poster for children, it reads: 'Let's kill yankees' game is so much fun
Electrified fence in a village
Behind those nice and big buildings
Most of cars in DPRK run by burning wood as fuel
Police passing by a dead boy starved to death
Typical DPRK village
And yet...
Mercedes for high government officials
Kim Jong Il's Royal Palace
Various exterior parts of the palace
Central hall of the palace
A show put on for Kim Jong Il
...for his birthday.


  1. Reality is that both are North Korea?

    America is one of the richest nations in the world and North Korea is one of the poorest. Yet in both countries there are miserable people and people filled with joy.

    The Communists have killed millions of people and are truly a blight on this world but the FACT is that both sets of pictures present a view of life that's true in some aspect.

    Granted millions more live in squalor than the few hundred thousand who live well but what would you expect? That they show pictures of misery?

    I mean in the US are they showing pictures of wrecked industry and housing in Cleveland or pictures of Quicken Arena?

  2. I tried to make a coherent response, but fever ain't helping me with it. So let me ask... what's your point?

  3. I think it's a somewhat valid point that he has made by ultimately asking you what YOUR point is. What are you trying to say about NK or what do you hope to achieve by posting these pictures? I suppose this is his question.

  4. Fever down, logic functions. hooray.

    My point is simple. People simply don't know about North Korea. Most people just don't care. I just want people to know North Korea, its political state, human rights violation, or the terrible poverty people live in. Because I don't think this issue has enough attention from the world.

  5. I think Camp 22 makes a much better point on what's going on in North Korea than what's posted here.

  6. True that. I'll get to Camp 22 soon.