Monday, June 20, 2011

Tiffany from SNSD(Girl's Generation)'s past photo shocks Korea?

I think you can figure out which picture the old one is.
I am not quite sure what to say about this. Recently, a major TV network MBC released this old photo of Tiffany from Girl's Generation. Tiffany (real name : Stephanie Hwang), is an America-born Korean. To me, she seems like a pretty typical Korean American, tanned and all. Then...

BAM, transformation. Must have blown some banks with the skin cosmetic products and plastic surgeries.

Okay, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe if you exercise and eat right you can totally change like that. Right, ladies?

Source : 티파니 과거사진에 네티즌 "충격 vs 과거엔 누구나.."


  1. It looks like her face was completely reconstructed, in which case, no diet or amount of exercise can do that.
    I don't see the issue, if she's happy then let her be, she's not hurting anyone or anything.

  2. who cares about plastic surgery?
    I mean... theres a lot of girls in this world still look "sorrry"
    after it.
    why do ppl have to keep on complaining abt it?

  3. who cares???? well? in the end, shes still hot. right??