Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Awesome Soju commercials - I'm a Singer style

Jyung-Yup(Left), YDH(Middle left), Kim Gun-mo(Right)
A few members of I am a Singer (나는가수다), a musical competition TV program for Korea's top musicians that is becoming more and more immensely popular right now, are putting together a series of Soju commercials for Cham-e-seul. They're actually ridiculously well-done and high-quality.

Basically they're all same songs, just sang and played with their own style. Below is the lyric.

Let's have one more Cham-e-seul~ I'll take you home~ Tell them you're gonna be late~
Do I look like a wolf to you for wanting one more shot of Cham-e-seul?
This night of Cham-e-seul I had with you shall be eternal
I am just too embarrassed to talk soberly
Let's down a shot of Cham-e-seul and we'll go out
Hey, I haven't said this to a girl before
Cham-e-seul really is a heart-opener
Let's have one more shot of Cham-e-seul, it's fresh and clear, like your eyes
One shot of Cham-e-seul, two shots of Cham-e-seul, your heart will open
I'll take you home, don't worry, tell them you're gonna be late
Look at my glass, it's empty! Fill her up with Cham-e-seul~

I know, it's a rather cheesy lyric, but just watch the videos below and you'll enjoy them.
First up, YDH - Rock style

Second, Kim Gun-mo - Ballad

Lastly, Jyung-Yup - Bossa Nova?

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