Monday, June 27, 2011

North Korean educational cartoon for children

Arm the No. 2 Pencils!
If this isn't ridiculous beyond belief, I don't know what can be.

This video is named "Pencil Artillery Shells", and it is made for elementary school students in North Korea. Here's the brief summary of the story :

the Protagonist comes back home after being scolded by a friend that he should do his homework first. Today's homework is learning how to use a protractor. However, the protagonist didn't pay attention during class, so instead he doodles things on his notebook (an American soldier's helmet) and falls asleep.

In his dream, an American fleet invades North Korea. The protagonist and his friends try to defend by firing artillery shells made of pencils, but the protagonist doesn't know how to use protractor to aim. Overwhelmed by the evil American fleet, he wakes up from the dream. He says something along the line of "I must study hard and pay attention in class so I can be a great soldier to fight against the Americans". The rest is math lessons.

In the credit, it appears that "Children's Film Creation Group", which received Kim Il-Sung Medal (one of the highest honors available), made this video. Propaganda at its peak, really. Check out the video.

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