Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hello Wisconsin Governor, why not just say let's kill all gay folks?

I try to keep this blog mostly about Korea things, but this just pisses me off.
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is so passionately conservative that he wants to bar gay people from visiting their partners in hospital.

What the hell. Since when did the government, the law, and constitutions exist for a certain group of people to exert their power over a small minority of people and make them suffer for what they are? Let me be clear, there is nothing wrong with being conservative. Thinking something is wrong - this case, homosexuality - is fine. But this is just stepping over the line. Governor Scott Walker, be a fucking person.

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  1. He isn't barring gays from visits to the hospital he just doesn't want to extend marriage rights to people who aren't married.

    Let me be clear. There's nothing wrong with being Liberal. There's nothing wrong with being a self-righteous Liberal. There's nothing wrong with being a self-righteous Liberal with a blog. But if you consider yourself a somewhat rational, logical and educated person it's stepping over the line to demonize and mischaracterize opinions you disagree with to make yourself feel better about yourself.