Sunday, May 29, 2011

North Korea claims that they are the happiest nation in the world

1st: China, 2nd: DPRK, 3rd: Cuba, 152nd : South Korea, 203rd: USA
Now they have really gone out of materials to make up. This image surfaced on a Chinese website, and it's a screenshot of North Korea Central TV. They claim that China is the happiest country in the world (100/100), North Korea being the 2nd happiest (98/100), and so on.

South Korea is apparently the 152nd happiest in the world (18/100), and USA is the 203rd (no score).

This has got to be the most screwed up happiness scale. Do North Koreans actually buy this kind of crap?

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  1. Well, in most Western surveys South Korea is actually one of the unhappiest places on Earth. With the highest suicide rates in the world.

    For example in this New York Times story:

    China propagandizes and America discriminates in regards to Koreans. Most new stories about race or society are one-sided or biased.