Monday, May 16, 2011

Human Rights Violations in North Korea - Grandmother's defection story

A touching article from Free North Korea Radio. Below is the translation:

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A while ago, a sports day for North Koreans took place in Hanywang University. It happens annually, and people look forward to it every year. This is the only holiday when North Koreans who left their homeland can gather together and share their feelings.

It was rather early in the morning, but there were a lot of people there already. As I was introducing myself and exchanging words with people, I saw an old lady who seemed too young and bright to be considered a defector.

Surprisingly, she had come to South Korea only a few years before. What was more surprising, was the reason she defected.

She was born from a well-established family. Following her parents' suggestion, she married a man from the ruling party. She gave birth to a good-looking son that looked just like her father, and her family loved her much. Happy occasions happened one after another, and her household was a popular one in the area.

One day, her beloved son was selected by the government, and was sent to Pyongyang. She had to turn her 7-year old son to the government.

After years and years of missing her son, he became a member of the national sports team, and went abroad. Between then only a few letters and moments of brief reunions kept them going, but he never lost his posture as a member of a national team.

After 20 years of devoting himself to the team, he left North Korea gain. His mother had no choice - his son was the government's, not hers.

Now her husband had passed away from an unexpected accident and the family's condition worsened. National economy had crashed, rations stopped, factories stopped, electricity, transportation, communication were all cut. Streets were full of starved people then. And one day, before dawn, a truck appeared in front of the house. Security agents screamed at her to get in the truck.

Scared and surprised, she asked what was going on. The reason was simple : Her son had betrayed his country.

She turned over her beloved son when he was seven, and has been living and working for the country since then. And now they are making her responsible for a betrayal. She just dropped down and screamed.

"What do you want me to do for the son you took away when he was only seven? The only crime I committed is bringing him to this world. You took my son away for decades. You are the one responsible, not me!"

Just like that, the mother was excommunicated to a wasteland deep in the mountains.

Her son, who was striving overseas, learned what North Korea really was. He learned who Kim Jong-il really was. He found his freedom.

The son then came to South Korea. After much effort, he successfully brought his mother over to South Korea.

Today, her face was bright, with no worry and regret. She almost seemed thankful for Kim Jong-il who excommunicated herself and her son. This old lady, who was vanished for giving birth to a good son and supporting her country, laughed loudly and yelled :

"Hey there! This is my country, where our people live!"

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  1. Interesting story and very frightening country!