Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Korean Drinking Food(Anju) - Chicken Gizzard edition (닭똥집)

If you've browsed the internet, you've probably seen something like this :
Sounds like a party.
Chicken asshole house, chicken asshouse, chicken shit house (Ktown cowboys?), the list goes on.

So what the hell is it? How the heck do you make a translation error to end up with 'asshole house'? Why, have I seen this more than once on the interwebz? Read more below.

It is actually chicken gizzard. The word for chicken gizzard is 닭(chicken), 똥(poo), 집(house), translated literally. No, it doesn't store crap - gizzard is part of the stomach that helps with digestion. It is just humorously named (somewhat unfortunately), and it is an immensely popular drinking food (anju) in Korea.

Why would you eat Chicken gizzard? 

Well, why not? People these days eat the strangest things around the globe. But seriously, chicken gizzard isn't a exotic thing to eat, really. It is popular all over the world. Grilled chicken gizzard is a popular street food in Haiti. Chicken gizzard is often eaten in Southeast Asia countries, like Malaysia, Indonesia, etc etc. It is a popular food in France, apparently. Hell, it's eaten in New Orleans, Chicago, and Michigan too. (Source)

It also has very little fat, so it's good diet too. Oh, and good for your skin. (Korean source)

And how would I eat it?

Like most things Korean, you stir-fry it, and make it spicy.
And red.
And with soju! Stir-fried chicken gizzard is a really popular drinking Anju, especially with soju. It's spicy, it's chewy, and it's not really fatty or anything. It's generally not on the expensive side on the menu, so it's a good choice food to try if you're ever at a Korean bar.

So next time you see a hilariously named Korean bar food on a menu, you'll know what it is and the story behind it. Try it sometime, it's not as bad as it sounds. Where to get it? Every Korean drinking place should have it anywhere in the world.

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  1. Just the name kinda turns me off, although I am not a stranger to eating chicken livers deep fried in bacon at home. (Southern thing.) :)