Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Human Rights Violation in North Korea - Disabled Children Must Die

There cannot be any children with disability in the city of Pyongyang. Even if one is born, it must be swiftly taken care of.

This is Kim Jong-il's policy. Because of this policy, North Korean government has been taking babies with disability and killing them by suffocation.

One North Korean source confirmed a story about a sailor who had to give up his grandson 8 years ago because of the policy.

He received a threat from the city when his newborn grandson turned out to be disabled : Give up your grandson, or you don't get to live in Pyongyang. We will give you a week to decide." He said, "I was afraid that if I didn't decide, I would be persecuted as a traitor who disobeyed Kim Jong-il, and then be excommunicated to a wasteland. I had no choice - I had to give up my grandson."

He was told that the government would take a good care of the child, but he later found out that his child was taken to a hospital and killed by suffocating him with a wet towel on his face. (more after jump)

He said, "I never thought they'd go this far to keep Pyongyang clean of disabled people." He expressed his anger for his country and Kim Jong-il that forced him to give up his newborn grandson.

He continued, "although we turned over our grandson as the government asked us to, we were still marked as a genetically defective family that gives births to disabled babies.  We had everything North Korean society wanted from us - foundation, education. We were still eventually excommunicated."

"They test you on how to answer to foreigners' questions if you're trading overseas. One of the things they teach you is that "Pyongyang, where our general lives, has no disabled people at all."

(Source : Free North Korea Radio http://www.fnkradio.com/ 평양시 장애아는 물수건으로 얼굴가려 죽여)
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For clarification : Pyongyang is the capital of North Korea. This is really kind of a utopian city, where they tried their best to make the place look like a decent place.

However, with the economy of North Korea failing, I've read chilling stories about Pyongyang. Giant clean roads with no cars, giant parks and amusement facilities with no one in them... If you happen to visit North Korea as a tourist, and get to stay in Pyongyang... just know that to keep Pyongyang in such clean status, the rest of the country must starve, live without clean water, electricity and other basic living accommodations.

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