Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ktown Cowboys : The Movie!

One of my all-time favorite web-series, Ktown Cowboys, is coming back. This time, as a film.... soon. The original Ktown Cowboys webseries featured a group of guys having an epic adventure in LA Koreatown. If you haven't seen it, check out this article HERE. Now they need some help raising money to market this upcoming film correctly. Check out their video :

More about the film below.

The film features the same crew, except it takes them back to a year before the webseries' time, one week before Jason's wedding. The guys get involved with the wrong people and have one week to set things straight.

Last year our team got together and created a web series called KTOWN COWBOYS.  We've developed a strong following and now we want to turn it into a feature film.  The web series follows a group of young Korean-Americans having one epic night in Koreatown Los Angeles.  We feel that we owe it to our fans to create a movie that is much more epic and entertaining than our web series.  To date we have over 1.2 million views combined on our web series.  
As of now we have locked down most of the money which will be used for the actual shooting of the film.  However, we would like to raise more money to properly market the film.  Our goal is to premiere the film at a film festival such as South by Southwest, and then go on a nationwide tour to screen the film at various cities and meet as many of our fans as possible.  The money we raise on Kickstarter will go toward all necessary materials and fees needed to market our film correctly.  This means printing out posters, merchandise, flyers, ad space, etc.
They have set up a kickstarter page for Ktown Cowboys movie HERE. To help them out, go to the website, and make whatever donation you can make for them. They're Asian Americans trying to make something happen, and they're good, smart, and funny. To read more about Ktown Cowboys or watch the entire webseries, go to the Ktown Cowboys website HERE.

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  1. I didn't enjoy this film at all. One of worst and stupid movie that i ever seen..If you wanna to watch this film then watch it online without wasting money for this film..