Friday, May 27, 2011

Welcome to the 80s, North Korea - North Korean laptops

The North Korean State TV reported about their brand-new all-North Korean laptop.


Oh man, this is really something. I never expected this cuz I thou...

Image sources : NorthKoreaTech
Wait, um. What the hell is this thing? It looks like one of those pseudo-computer looking things that you can buy from like, gas stations... oh wait.

Pictured : 99 dollar netbook thingy you can find at CVS.
So obviously the hardware isn't original, AT ALL. But at least they build their own OS - Red Star!

It has word processing! You can read stuff! You can plug in USB! Battery last about 2.5 hours!

And that's it.

Oh, apparently it connects TVs. I'm blown away. Welcome to... I dunno, a couple decades ago. In PCWorld article, I read this and laughed :
In one shot, eight workers could be seen sitting in front of a long, green bench carrying out tasks such as installing the keyboard and checking the laptop hinge.
 Maybe it's just somebody's mother's basement. Heh.

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