Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Film to watch : Koreatown Cowboys

This is old, but in case you missed...

Ktown Cowboys, directed by Daniel Park and written by Danny Cho, is one hell of a funny short series about Ktown life. Mostly nightlife. This has almost everything you probably want to know about Ktown nightlife - drinking, eating, partying, clubbing, booking, and uh, apparently brawling.

I've met and heard Daniel Park and Danny Cho speak in a couple different ocassions, and they're very funny and smart people. Considering that this is done on a super low budget, it's very impressively well-done. More below.

Here's synopsis and how the whole thing came to be on their website

Ktown Cowboys came about in May 2009. Daniel “DPD” Park and Danny Cho were sitting and having a beer. They were reminiscing about their fun times in Koreatown (“Ktown”) Los Angeles when they were younger. Although both DPD and Danny had zero experience in making a movie, they set out to write a script about their glory days in Ktown. The idea was simple. Give the most realistic portrayal of Ktown ever done.
Synopsis : Johnny, a young Korean American from Richmond, Virginia, finds himself transplanted to Los Angeles’ Koreatown. Having been recently dumped by his girlfriend and with no immediate job prospects, Johnny is taken under the wings of his cousin Jason and a motley crew of party hoppers who are dedicated to having a good time and taking no prisoners in doing so.
 More information and episodes are available on the website, but the website seems to run pretty slow now... so you can find them on youtube as well, HD quality. Don't miss out.

Here's episode 1 for your pleasure. crank up the resolution and watch it on full-screen.

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