Thursday, May 19, 2011

North Korea : Kim Jong-il's heir visits China

Kim Jong-il's heir, Kim Jong-un, is making his visit to China. AFP's reporting seems a little behind the reports flooding in Korean news agencies right now.
This guy.
Kim Jong-un visited China via train, through Tumen and now Mudanjiang. It seems that he is not accompanied by his infamous father, Kim Jong-il. It is not known what his exact plans are, but some Korean media speculate that he is tracing back the 'revolution path' of his grandfather and founder of North Korea - Kim Il-sung.(source)

It seems like North Korea's 'supreme leader' is making a polite visit to his boss... China.

EDIT : Turns out that it is Kim Jong-il, not Kim Jong-un, visiting China. Kim Jong-il is the current supreme leader of North Korea... responsible for anything crazy that happens in North Korea. He was spotted in Mudanjiang.

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