Thursday, February 7, 2013

US state lawmakers pass resolutions regarding comfort women

Comfort women resolution honoring comfort women and urging Japan's apology is being passed all over the US. In New York, the state Senate and House of Representatives passed a resolution honoring a comfort women monument erected in the state, saying it serves as a reminder that the coercion of Asian women into sexual servitude by the Imperial Japanese Army was a crime against humanity. The resolution states that approximately 200,000 young women were forced into military prostitution during the Japanese colonial and wartime occupation of parts of Asia and some Pacific islands. However, in response, conservative Japanese lawmakers, published an ad in a newspaper in New Jersey saying that no historical documents have ever been found that show women were forced against their will into prostitution by the Imperial Japanese Army. The comfort women issue must be resolved in the interests of historical truth and human rights. The comfort women issue is more than just a issue between South Korea and Japan. It's about universal human rights, women's rights, and human dignity.

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