Thursday, February 14, 2013

S Korea to activate Kill Chain to Strike N Korean Military Facilities

The Korean Defense Ministry has put in place ship-to-land cruise missiles with a range of up to one-thousand kilometers. Any target in North Korea is in the missile range. The government said that it will also develop a Kill-Chain system to preemptively strike North Korean missile launchers and nuclear facilities. ROK Defense Ministry told reporters on Wednesday that the ministry has developed cruise missiles that can hit any target in the North, and they have already been put in place. The military plans to finish equipping Aegis destroyers with ship-to-ground cruise missiles in order to strike North Korean nuclear facilities if deemed necessary. All of North Korea is in the missiles' target range. The ministry will also speed up the development of ballistic missiles with a range of 800 kilometers in accordance with South korea's newly revised missile guidelines with the US. North Korea's third nuclear test is a serious threat to peace and stability not only on the Korean peninsula but in Northeast Asia as a whole. In order to respond to such a threat, the South Korean military developed options, including the missiles. The military will soon establish a Kill-Chain an integrated system that will instantaneously detect and strike the origin of imminent attack using the new cruise and ballistic missiles.

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