Sunday, February 3, 2013

Need stronger sanctions on North Korea

Recently, North Korea has been preparing for a 3rd nuclear test. And it seems that the test is imminent now that they have completed the testing preparations. Apparently North Korea has two nuclear test sites, and one of them is ready for testing, while the other one is nearing its completion.
In 2009, North Korea had their 2nd nuclear test despite criticism from the UN security council and the international community.
The 3rd nuclear test proves that previous sanctions on North Korea was not strong enough to deter their efforts. This proves that we need a stronger one. Although I do not believe in military actions against North Korea, which will put the East Asia region in turmoil, I strongly urge the UN security council to pass a sanction that is similar to the one imposed on Iran.
I, however, welcome China's support for recent sanctions against North Korea. North Korea should learn that they the longer they fight against the international current, and remain isolated, the deeper they will fall in the end. I urge North Korea to give up their nuclear efforts and have some human decency to take care of their internal affairs.

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