Tuesday, February 19, 2013

North Korea's nuclear development to change the nation into a paradise?

Kim Jong-un is justifying the 3rd nuclear test claiming that the nuclear development would open doors to paradise. This all a lie. The North Korean administration has been claiming to turn the country into a paradise for over 65 years. However, there was nobody in North Korea within the 65 years who would have thought that they were living in a paradise. Since, North Korea found itself lagging behind its capitalist counterpart, they were desperate to find leverage over the other. The solution they found was nuclear weapon development. North Korea may have gained some leverage in negotiating with the international community through the nuclear development, but they are far from making North Korea into paradise. The Soviet Union did not collapse because it was devoid of nuclear weapons. North Korea should learn from history and get their priorities straightened out by taking care of the starving people of North Korea.

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