Tuesday, February 5, 2013

North Korea's usage of Youtube

North Korea is not known for its subtlety, famous instead for its soaring patriotic rhetoric and threats to turn the capital of its rival, South Korea, into a “sea of fire.” But even by those standards, the latest volley of North Korea propaganda is noteworthy. The three-and-a-half-minute clip titled - “On Board Unha-9” and posted on YouTube on Saturday by Uriminzokkiri, a North Korean government Web site - is the latest evidence of the propaganda mileage Pyeongyang is extracting from its Dec. 12 launching of its Unha-3 rocket, which it considers as their first successful test of long-range-missile technology. North Korea has been trumpeting the success of the rocket, which it claims to have put a satellite into orbit, to its people, saying it was proof that their country was advancing toward a high-tech future. But this is all but a lie. During the missile launch, they used RFNA, an ingredient for rocket fuels. This is the reason why North Korea has been unable to communicate with their supposed satellite - because it ain't a satellite. It's a rocket for heaven's sake. North Korea has no intention of participating in the scientific advancements. Their sole intention is to attack the US with nukes.

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