Monday, February 25, 2013

North Korea passes on Kippumjo for three generations

Children learn from their fathers. Kim Jong-un is no different. He is just like his father when it comes to their sex addiction. When Kim Jong-un came to power, he recruited his own Pleasure Squad. The Pleasure Squad is a collection of groups of approximately 2000 women and girls, which are maintained for the purpose of providing pleasure and entertainment for high-ranking North Korean officials and their families. Each pleasure group is composed of three teams. The Manjokjo provides sexual services, Haengbokjo provides massages, and Gamujo provides dancing and singing. The funny thing is that North Korean women would die to get in to the Pleasure Group. This is because their future is secure and they enjoy a luxurious life. However, what use is a luxurious life when these women are sexually disgraced? We can no longer let North Korea commit these inhumane crimes.

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