Monday, February 18, 2013

Takeshima Day of Japan

You may not know this, but Korea and Japan has a territorial dispute between an island called Dokdo. In order to solve the dispute, scholars from both countries need to share the truth and toil to find a solution. However, the Japanese scholars are refusing to participate in a debate. This is because Korea has superiority when it comes to historical, international data. For example, Takeshima Day has been held every year since 2006 on Feb. 22, in order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Shimane Prefecture's incorporation of Dokdo as Japanese territory. Japan incorporated the island into Shimane Prefecture in order to use the island as a strategic location during the Russo-Japanese war. However, prior to 1905, Dokdo is shown as Korean territory on Japanese maps. Japan forcefully took Dokdo when they occupied Korea.

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