Monday, February 4, 2013

Kim Jong-un said to have made “important conclusion”

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un reached an “important conclusion” that will serve as a guiding policy for protecting sovereignty while presiding over an extended session of the country’s Central Military Commission.
The meeting was a meeting attended not only by CMC members but also commanding members of the joint forces, including operational command members for the Korean People’s Army Supreme Command, the Navy, the KPA Air and Anti-Air Forces, and the Strategic Rocket Force.
Although the content of the ”important conclusion“ by Kim, is unspecified, it can be assumed that specific military measures including a nuclear test may have been discussed. The announcement of the CMC meeting suggests that the decision-making process by the military, and administration may be complete. China recently supported for recent sanctions against North Korea. North Korea should learn that they the longer they fight against the international current, and remain isolated, the deeper they will fall in the end. I urge North Korea to give up their nuclear efforts and have some human decency to take care of their internal affairs.

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