Thursday, February 21, 2013

The First Female President in Korea

The presidential inauguration of Park Guen-hye, the first female president of a country is set for 25 February. She is the daughter of President Park Chung-hee. It is the first for a father and daughter to become president, and she is also the first female president in East Asia. Despite the fact that her father was a president, it's been 34 years since her father's term. Since then, 7 presidents have served their terms so my thoughts are that the fact that her father was a president would not have been of any help to her election. When Park was asked why she did not marry, she replied back saying that she is married to the Republic of Korea. When she heard of her father's assassination, it's been told that she asked whether the military demarcation line was intact. This shows her view of state and security. At a point of time where various matters - whether it be internal, diplomatic, economic - I hope that she will lead her country well throughout various hardships.

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