Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Japanese medic veteran's whistle-blowing

While Abe administration is denying the compulsory mobilization of comfort women, a Japanese veteran who served in the Japanese army as a medic testified against Abe's claims. Matsumoto Masayoshi, now 91 years old, claim that he managed the comfort women. His job was to test these women for sexually transmitted diseases. He testified that these women were basically enslaved by the Japanese military. The comfort stations were located in the heart of military bases, and these bases were surrounded by high walls, making it difficult for these women to ever dare to escape. Although he does not want to recall those memories, when he found out that Japan is distorting the past, he decided that he had to step up. I do not understand why the Abe administration is denying their past, and bringing more pain to the comfort women.

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