Thursday, June 14, 2012

'Tour Olympics' SKAL 2012 at Korea

Do you know what SKAL is? It means 'longevity', 'friendship', and ‘health‘ in Scandinavian native language in northern Europe. Just like its meaning, it is an organization that contributes to activating tourism industry.
SKAL, the largest civilian tourism organization, was formed in 1934 and it now has 500 clubs over 90 countries with more than twenty thousand members.
2012 General Meeting for SKAL will be held in the capital city of Korea, Seoul and in Incheon this October.
The upcoming General Meeting in October is expected to let experts all over the world to recognize Korea as an international tourist site. About 2,000 from all over the world including the family members and partners of the 1,000 SKAL members are anticipated to participate this event.
By hosting 2012 Global SKAL General Meeting, it will be a great opportunity to let people know Korea is an international tourist attraction.

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