Thursday, June 7, 2012


Sommelier, Kikajakeshi, Master blender...
They are experts in wine, sake and whisky and they usually suggest alcoholic drink with suitable dishes. Kikajakeshi suggest taste and scent of Japanese traditional alcohol sake while there are Makguli sommelier who recommend Korean traditional alcohol Makguli according to consumer's taste.
The alcohol proof is between 6 to 9 degrees and it is full of dietary fiber and lactic acid bacteria.. Makguli is now becoming famous as it is known to be nutritious just like wine.
Makguli sommelier are interested in Korean food and try to recommend Makguli and suitable dishes to foreigners who try Makguli for the first time.
If you enjoy and love drinking, it would be nice to try Makguli and dishes recommended by Makguli sommelier when you visit Korea!

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