Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Original Korean Wave Fan, Maureen O'Crowley

Maureen O'Crowley, the bureau director of the Seoul Tourism Organization's MICE (meeting, incnetive, convention, exhibition), department, considers herself the first Korean wave fan.
40 years ago, she moved to Korea because her father was stationed at the 8th United States Army. Ever since then, she was completely absorbed into the attractions of Korean culture and food.
As a middle school student, she explored Korea's ancient palaces, temples, and parks, and wondered the streets of Korea's traditional markets. She became mesmerized by the different, yet friendly culture of Korea. Nowadays, K-Pop, celebrities, K-Food, electronic products, cars, which are all the many components that are leading the Korean wave, is spreading in Asia, Middle East, Europe, and Central & South Americas. Why don't you indulge yourself into the beauty and attractions of the history, culture, and tradition of Korea?

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