Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lee MB's role in the 6th G20

President Lee Myong-bak of South Korea, which held the 5th G-20 Summit, participated in the 6th G-20 Summit in Mexico to prevent the European financial crisis contagion spreading around the world and to find a solution to the global financial crisis.
Ahead of general meeting in G-20, President Lee met with the Mexican President and took part in the business summit.
It is said that President Lee will give his opinion in dealing with Europe financial crisis and suggest ways to reform the financial system of Europe. In particular, he will urge many countries using Euro to solve the economic instability caused by the use of common currencies, and show more unity in the European finance and banking sector.
Lee was acclaimed by world leaders for the participation of Korea in working out solutions for the US economic/financial crisis by suggesting reform measures in international financial institution, expanding government debt finances, and signing free trade agreements. We hope that Korea can show further global leadership by providing aid, and economic stimuli to the Eurozone crisis, and world economic stabilization.

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