Monday, April 9, 2012

NK nuclear test

Yesterday, I wrote a post about North Korean rocket launch.
On top of that news, North Korea is further adding to tensions, readying for a nuclear test.
Satellite images show the communist nation digging a new tunnel underground in the Punggye-ri nuclear test site in the country's northeast, where it conducted two previous nuclear tests, first in 2006 and then in 2009, according to South Korean officials.
The construction is believed to be in its final stage, the official said.
Commercial satellite imagery showed piles of earth and sand at the entrance of a tunnel in the Punggye-ri site. The soil is believed to have been brought to the site to plug the tunnel, one of final steps before carrying out a nuclear test blast.
South Korean officials said they cannot rule out the possibility of North Korea setting off a nuclear device built with highly enriched uranium this time, unlike two previous tests where plutonium was used.
The North's nuclear and missile programs have long been a regional security concern. The country is believed to have advanced ballistic missile technology, though it is still not clear whether it has mastered the technology to put a nuclear warhead on a missile.

It’s believed that NK will announce the nuclear test as a threat in response to international criticism against the satellite launch and suspension of US food aid.
Although we do not know for sure if North Korea really has the technology, it might be too risky to ignore the fact that North Korea might have WMDs with even the slightest possibility. Because it might result in unimaginable consequences on the national security of East Asian countries.
NK regime must be rooted out, just the way Sadaam has been eliminated.


  1. Both close-up overlays above are flipped horizontal. Its confusing. Does it say why in the text?

    I don't read Korean. lol!!!

  2. No. it doesn't say why... And just to add, I don't think they overlays are flipped horizontal... I think they are rotated 180 degrees...