Monday, April 16, 2012

N.Korean leader`s first speech riddled with lies

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, who holds the titles of first secretary of the ruling Korean Workers` Party and chairman of the National Defense Commission, made his first public speech for 20 minutes Sunday in a military review at Kim Il Sung Square.  
In contrast, his late father Kim Jong Il`s first and last official speech lasted just six seconds, with him saying, "Glory to the heroic (North) Korean People’s Army!" Kim Jong Il, who took power through hereditary succession, felt no need to persuade his people of his legitimacy through public speeches. His son and successor, 30, might have wanted to be recognized as supreme leader by Pyongyang residents through a public speech, however.  
Kim Jong Un apparently sought to follow in his grandfather`s footsteps by mimicking Kim Il Sung`s low voice, hairdo, attire and walk. Apparently due to pressure coming from taking power at a young age, he continuously twisted himself and did not lift his head to ensure that he read the script of the speech clearly. Despite his efforts, he failed to reproduce his grandfather`s charisma.
Kim Jong Un had the military brass and soldiers at the review wear the uniforms of anti-Japanese fighters. Though other countries are fast changing in this high-tech digital era, the North`s clock stopped 60 years ago. The 6,627-letter speech was filled with distortions of history and anachronisms.
By calling North Koreans "Kim Il Sung`s nation," Kim Jong Un attempted to present his grandfather as the one equal to Dangun, the legendary founder of Korea`s first kingdom Gojoseon. Yet this is an insult against the people in both Koreas. "Under the leadership of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, we have put a stop to the history of suffering and lifted the dignity of our country and people to the highest level," the young leader said.
With ample natural resources and industrial facilities built under Japanese colonial rule, North Korea outpaced South Korea in economic power until the mid-1970s. Due to its closed economy and a military-first policy pursued by subsequent nepotistic governments, the North has degenerated into the lamest excuse for a country in the world.
In stressing the military-first policy, Kim Jong Un said, "My first, second and third priorities are to strengthen our people`s army through all means." He never mentioned the botched rocket launch Friday in which the 850-million-dollar disaster was shattered into 20 pieces 135 seconds after lift-off.
The U.N. Security Council and the U.S. are preparing punitive measures against the North for violating Security Council Resolution 1874. To make up for the rocket fiasco, the North could resort to brinkmanship against the world through a third nuclear test.
Experts say the young North Korean leader cannot exercise independent leadership and relies on the hardline military brass. For its part, South Korea needs to unite and boost its security posture to brace for a potential provocation by the North.

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