Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tragedy concealed by flashy fireworks

The U.S. government urged North Korea to stop all provocations including nuclear testing, and focus on domestic policies.
The North Korea must show its will to follow its international responsibility by takin g care of its people and stopping autarky policies and reforming the country.
In fact, North Korea is currently going under serious food, and economic crisis, which is forcing its people, including the elite, normal, military personnels, to hunt for rats, snakes, frog eggs, and tadpoles. However, even under the current circumstances, the North Korean regime used money worth of a year of food for its people for fireworks in launching a missile test. On top of that, they are claiming that they would carry out nuclear test!!
In one newspaper, the North Korea may carry out the nuclear test as early as next week.
Kim Jong Un seems to be willing to cut the very few ties that North Korea had with the international society.

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