Thursday, April 5, 2012

North Koreans starving to death

It's probably no longer news about North Koreans starving to death. But this year, the number of people dying of starvation spiked this year.
The reason for this is there was a major flood in Hwang-Hae province of NK last year, which devastated the crops.
On top of this, the death of Kim Jong Il exacerbated the problem. If you follow North Korean news, you probably know that Kim Jong Un, the young leader of NK, ordered its people to stop all economic activity to mourn his father for 100 days.
Decrease in harvests due to flood, and on top of that no economic activity for 100 days...
It's basically an order for suicide for its people.
It is extremely sad that the North Korean people are unable to gather the strength to revolt against the tyranny.
Kim Jong Un's regime has to go...
Until then there will be no peace in East Asia, and only tensions remain, with more innocent North Koreans starving to death.

For those of you who are supporters of North Korea (yeah you, you idiotic leftists) there is no peace without the military, economic, political power. The world is not perfect, and you will soon enough learn that what you think as 'ideal' can destroy a country, as it did in Vietnam.


  1. Did they really have a 100 day mandatory mourning vacation? That would be extreme.

  2. Yes, it was 'officially' mandatory... What's more extreme is that Kim Jong Un ordered execution of 3 generations of all NK defectors.