Sunday, April 22, 2012

Kim Jong-Un needs to be sent to a madhouse

North Korea's failed Kwangmyeongsung-3 satellite launch was for a 5 year long space development project and the long-range rocket technology was to be used for stationary satellite development.
From what I know, North Korea spent more than 800 million dollars developing Kwangmyeongsung-3. With this budget, all of North Korean can buy 2 year worth of rice. However, this money was wasted by creating a stationary satellite.
At the moment, many North Koreans are starving to death. How can Kim Jong Un claim that North Korea has entered the days of glory, and paradise? That is one of the lousiest lies I've ever heard. 3 generations of hereditary succession of power, and dictatorship has led to insane thoughts and actions...
Shouldn't Kim Jong-Un be sent to a shrink for a psyco test?

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