Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Kim Jong-un did not adapt well to school in Switzerland: report

A news report has said that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un did not adapt well to an international school in Switzerland in the 1990s and his grades were poor.
Apparently, Kim was absent for 75 days and 105 days in his first and second year at the International School of Bern, respectively.
Kim sometimes came to the school only in the afternoons a former classmate of Kim said.
Kim, who used the pseudonym Pak Un, received 3.5 out of a maximum 6 in natural science and managed to get a minimum passing grade in mathematics, culture, society and German.
He was placed in an advanced English class before being downgraded to an average level and scored a minimum passing grade.
Kim only excelled in music and technical studies by scoring 5 out of 6.
Despite his reported poor academic performance, North Korea's state propaganda media have lauded Kim as "the outstanding leader" and "another great sun." North Korean officials have also repeatedly pledged loyalty to Kim by describing him as "the brilliant commander" and "another peerless patriot."
I'm guessing that after the end of his reign, Kim Jong Un will be remembered as Kim, the not so brilliant.
And is it a relief that Kim Jong Un isn't all that bright as he claims himself to be?

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