Thursday, March 1, 2012

North Korean Nuke Deal

Pyongyang promises to rein in its nuclear program if the U.S. sends food, offering a faint hope that Kim Jong Un will lead his nation in a peaceful new direction.
In a surprise breakthrough, North Korea agreed Wednesday to stop nuclear tests, uranium enrichment, and long-range missile launches, and will submit to checks by nuclear inspectors. The price? Nearly 250,000 metric tons of food aid from the U.S. Of course, the impoverished, hermit kingdom has gone back on plenty of promises in the past. But at least on its face, this deal — the first big move since the death of longtime leader Kim Jong Il — marks a sharp shift for the communist country's reclusive leadership under Kim's son and successor, Kim Jong Un. Has North Korea finally decided to come in from the cold?

Source: North Korea: Nuclear rogue no more?

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