Sunday, March 4, 2012

Kim Jong Un, pissed about a propaganda

North Korea threatened "sacred war" against the South in a huge rally in the capital Sunday just days after the secretive state agreed with the United States to suspend its nuclear weapons tests and allow back international nuclear inspectors.
Tens of thousands of slogan-chanting North Koreans rallied in Pyongyang vowing to "wipe out" South Korean President Lee Myung-Bak's "traitors" whom they accused of defaming their new leader, Kim Jong-un, and of staging inflammatory war games with the United States. About 150,000 protesters, including many soldiers and students, shouted "Destroy Lee Myung-Bak" and "Let's safeguard Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un."

 And the day before this, Kim Jong Un visited the heavily armed border with rival South Korea and ordered troops to be on high alert, just days after Washington and Pyongyang agreed to a nuclear deal after years of deadlock.
Kim's visit to Panmunjom village in the Demilitarized Zone, his first reported trip there since the December death of his father, Kim Jong Il, comes amid escalating militaristic rhetoric aimed at U.S. ally South Korea.

The reason for this???

Kim's saying he went through all that trouble to criticize the ROK for putting that photo/propaganda up at a military base in Inchon.

I wonder how Kim funded all that nonsense...

Sources: North Korea's Kim visits DMZ, orders high alertFresh from deal with U.S.,North Korea vows "sacred war" on South

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