Sunday, March 11, 2012

"Wish Tree" event held in hope for a successful Seoul Nuclear Security Summit

The second Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul, Korea is set to start in 20 days. The Korean ministry of foreign affiars and the ministry of culture, sports and tourism held a "wish tree" event in the Millenium Hall of Incheon International Airport.
The 'Wish Tree' event was set to share the spirit of the '12 Nuclear Security Summit with a wider audience, as part of the Korean government's efforts towards the success of the summit and increased awareness among the people. Singer Park, Jung-Hyun, the honorary ambassador of the Nuclear Security Summit, child actor Wang, Suk-hyun, and the EU ambassador in Korea participated in the 'Wish Tree' event. 
Located at the gateway to Korea, Incheon International Airport, the Wish Tree is open to all visitors to the airport, where they are invited to write their hopes, wishes and messages of a better and peaceful world.
'12 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit, convened to delve into global nulcear security and nuclear non-proliferatio, is expected to bring together 58 national leadrs in Seoul alongside the heads of the Un, IAEA, EU, and Interpol. As the summit is arousing interest around the world, we hope that the international summit will end safely and successfully and bring peace to the world.

Source: 핵안보정상회의 앞두고 '위시트리' 이벤트

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