Thursday, March 8, 2012

Jeju PIRATE Base??

This is an extension to yesterday's post on Jeju naval base.
Apparently, Kim Ji Yoon (?) 김지윤 has posted on her twitter this message:

제주 해적 기지 건설 반대!
Let's oppose Jeju pirate (instead of naval) base construction!

This created an nation-wide criticism for calling Korean navy as pirates.
Because Kim Ji Yoon is a graduate of Korea university, one of the most prestigious university in Korea, and a young-adult list proportional representative for the United Progressive Party, her denunciation has got the attention of Korean media.

I have to say calling conscripted naval soldiers as pirates is wrong.
I would have agree to the saying if almost all military officials, navy, army, marine, air force are bunch of pirates, eating away at taxes.

I would elaborate more on the statement above, but due to restrictions from my current status, I have to end my post here.

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