Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lee Seung Gi's comeback: King2Hearts

Some pictures of Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won on the set have recently been released.
On February 27, MBC TV released some pictures taken on February 7 on the set of its new drama series King2Hearts. In the pictures, Ha and Lee are dressed in a North Korean officer’s uniform and a South Korean officer’s uniform, respectively.
Ha is playing the role of Kim Hang Ah, a female drill instructor of North Korean special forces, and Lee is playing the role of Lee Jae Ha, a spoiled, carefree South Korean man.
Lee and Ha have an awful first meeting as Lee doesn’t like Ha and provokes her into a quarrel in the drama series.
The officer’s uniforms make them look completely different from the previous images they’ve shown. It was their first meeting, but Lee and Ha worked in perfect harmony and were praised by the crew.
Especially, Ha attracted attention by perfectly portraying North Korean official Kim Hang Ah. As she burst into a laugh while acting in a North Korean accent, the atmosphere on the set was also loosened up.
With positive, bright Ha and polite, pleasant Lee, the set was full of laughs, according to reports.
Kim Jong Hak Production, which produces the drama series, says, “It was Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won’s first meeting, but they worked in perfect harmony and got praised by producer Lee Jae Kyu and the crew. Please look forward to their story.”
King2Hearts will start airing on March 14 after The Moon Embracing the Sun goes off the air.

Source: '킹투허츠' 하지원·이승기..첫 만남부터 신경전 '팽팽'

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