Monday, February 27, 2012

Naver, Korea's Internet Search Engine

One very interesting thing to note about Korea is that Koreans have their own search engine, Naver. Korea is one of the very few countries that Google was unable to gain market share.
Although Google is loved by most of internet users  for its simplicity, and accuracy, it just lacks contents compared to Naver. Apart from being a search engine, Naver also has its own contents, such as Naver Webtoons, and encourages users to actively post their ideas, blogs, etc. by publishing it in the front page if it gains enough attention...
I personally use Naver as 1. search engine, 2. Korean-English dictionary, 3. Webtoons...

FYI... Naver is owned by NHN Corporation.
Go to Naver :

And this is just one of the webtoons that I really enjoyed...
Bongcheon-dong Ghost Story is considered by many to be one of the most horrifying online comics of all time. The story references the real-life 2002 suicide of "Mrs. Cho", a woman who lived in the area. The reason behind her suicide was the loss of her child due to a divorce settlement. The comic tells of the mother's demon who terrifies a young schoolgirl while looking for her daughter.


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