Tuesday, December 4, 2012

VANK, Korea's cyber diplomatic mission

VANK, an acronym for Voluntary Agency Network of Korea, is a non-governmental South Korean organization made up of 60,000 Korean volunteers and 15,000 international members. VANK members are Cyber Diplomats to introduce Korea to the world and World Changers to solve global issues wisely to change the world. VANK is organized for the purpose of uniting cyber diplomats who want build up friendship with foreign friends by exchanging sincere letters and sharing dream and visions before promoting Korea. In addition, one of their goals is to introduce the achievements and milestones of Korea and Korean history and culture.
Recently, VANK invited Korean-Uzbekistan to Dokdo to promote that Dokdo is Korean territory. VANK aims to change information that are wrong about Korea's geographic names or about Korean history.

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