Thursday, December 27, 2012

Abe’s Hawkish cabinet

Mr Abe has appointed several hawkish allies to key cabinet posts, including Yoshihide Suga as chief cabinet secretary and the former prime minister Taro Aso as minister for finance. The new education minister, Hakubun Shimomura, is known to share Mr Abe's controversial revisionist views on Japan's war history. No Japan military involvement in running wartime brothels: official. On Radio Nippon in March 25, 2007, Shimomura denied that the Japanese military directly recruited women to work in brothels providing sex for Japanese soldiers before and during World War II. He claimed that there were military nurses and embedded journalists but no 'embedded comfort women.' Although he admits that there were comfort women, he believes that parents sold their daughters. And that the Japanese army was involved. This caused outrage in Korea and China. Japan must not forget that in order for diplomatic relations between its neighboring countries to improve, they must apologize for their past crimes.

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